I have a confession to make...

I never wanted to film weddings.


When I graduated college with dreams of working in television or film, I thought wedding video would be the death knell of my career. I had this image in my head of a sweaty dude with a huge ENG camera perched on his shoulder, sweeping panoramas of buffet chaffing dishes. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to get deep into emotion and symbolism. I wanted to learn something, feel something. And so that's what I do. Jeez, it seems so simple now. When I needed work after a short stint at a small TV network in 2010, I started assisting a local videographer and discovered that wedding videos could be, dare I say, cool. Soon I was editing, then second-shooting, expanding my network, and finally in 2015, A Lost Epic was established. The same letters that form my business are found in my last name, Peticolas. (Go ahead and check, I'll wait.) It's a nod to my upbringing, my family who gave me the inspiration and tools to be an artist and an entrepreneur.

When I was a baby, my maternal grandmother bought a JVC camcorder. My paternal grandmother was an artist/photographer/toy designer who sometimes wrote scripts for the kids to act out. I grew up with more than my fair share of home movies, and to this day we watch and reference them. It's hard sometimes to know where the videos start and my memories end, and I love it. I love that I can be reminded of those relationships, share those events, those everyday moments, and those questionable middle school fashion choices with my husband and daughter.

Which brings me to another thing...


Your wedding day tells the story of who you are as a couple TODAY. I'm here to capture it with authenticity to THAT couple. I don't build my films to a formula, because every couple is different. I take the time to craft your film to tell your story. Your wedding day is both an end and a beginning, and I don't want you to forget a single moment.


That's why all of my videography packages include what I call a Doc Edit - a full length, documentary-style edit of your ceremonies and formal events like special dances and speeches, using multiple cameras and audio sources - so that you can relive and share this momentous occasion with your family and friends.


I've been in your (fabulous) shoes before, trying to plan a wedding that was truly us while battling a barrage of opinions and must-haves from people and publications that were not, traditions and expectations we didn't ask for, and trends traps I didn't even realize I was falling into.


But my own wedding experiences as a bride or bridesmaid are secondary to my (nearly) decade of experience filming weddings - indoor and outdoor, short ceremonies and multi-day celebrations, in banquet halls and bookstores, experiencing a variety of cultures and watching couples carefully balance their family traditions with their own aesthetic. 

These experiences have changed me. I've grown into a woman who unabashedly LOVES weddings. I love the joy, the emotions, the dogs wearing tuxes and the grooms wearing Spanx (true story.) I laugh with the speeches and cry at the parent dances (especially now that I'm a mom.) I am practically giddy when I have the opportunity to capture a ceremony or tradition I've never seen before and learn something new. I have a wealth of wedding-themed trivia and historical bases tucked away in my brain (close friends refuse to play trivia games with me.)

So when I say I want to hear all about your wedding plans, I mean it. Click the link below to send me a message!

Your Wedding is Not Going to be Timeless

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